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Nokia O2 Network Upgrades

Case Study:
Upgrading the O2 Network


Project Overview:
Mobile Network Operator, O2, was rolling out its 4G network and upgrading their existing 2G and 3G networks in the East of England. This also included integration of Vodafone on to the site as part of a network sharing agreement.


Designs originally done by other suppliers are verified and adopted by Merlin Wireless & Fibre Services, and once a contract sum was agreed then a Pre-Start meeting was held with all parties (including specialist suppliers) on site to determine the exact method and programme of works to complete the upgrade.


The sites needed physical modifications to allow for the new equipment that provides the new and shared technologies. This included extending the site footprint, new plinths and ducting, new or additional interface steelwork, tower extensions, pole swaps and changes to the cable/feeder management routes. We also upgraded the electrical power and certified it to 17th Edition standards.


The main part of the works was the rigging. Under minimal network outage conditions, the existing antennas and feeders were replaced and in some instances new additional antenna and feeder systems were required for the new technologies and increased coverage/ capacity. The sites were brought back on air and a full system test was carried out including sweep and Passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing.


The sites were then ready for the next phase which was the swap out and installation of the base station (BTS) equipment.


There was an initial programme of c.75 sites in the south east of England from south of the River Humber and east of the Midlands.


Key Facts:
Client: Nokia
Services covered: Design, Civil & Electrical Works, Logistics, Rigging
Summary of key works:


  • • Design of the site upgrade works
  • • Ground works, site modifications and interface steelwork
  • • Electrical power upgrades
  • • Delivery of materials to site and return removed equipment
  • • Installation of new/replacement antennas and feeder
  • • Full system testing (including Passive Intermodulation/PIM)
  • • Compile and submit handover documentation

Date: 2016 - 2017