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Nokia 3rd Party Survey & Design

Case Study:
Delivering over 200 site surveys and designs on 3rd party shared sites


Project Overview:
The Mobile Network Operator EE was rolling out its 4G network and upgrading the existing 2G and 3G networks in smaller towns and rural areas. Nokia was delivering the project – known as Project Darwin - on a full turnkey basis.


On 3rd party (shared) sites it is the site owner’s responsibility to carry out the design and modification works. However, their responsibility ends with the Base Transceiver Station (BTS) and supporting equipment inside the cabin or equipment room. That is where Merlin Wireless & Fibre Services came in.


Nokia called upon Merlin Wireless & Fibre Services to carry out a survey on such sites and produce the required drawing for the equipment installation works to proceed. The information captured by Merlin Wireless & Fibre Services during the survey included:


  • • Site access and Health & Safety information
  • • Existing Base Transceiver Station equipment on site
  • • Current electrical supply, Power Supply Unit and earthing
  • • Rigging specifications
  • • Details of the new deployment and site layout/floor plan
  • • Complete photo log


The output of the survey included a full report and equipment list, followed by a General Arrangement (GA) drawing which encompassed the existing site layout and the proposed new layout, cooling and feeder loss calculations and electrical schematics.


The project involved over 200 sites over a 12 month period.

Key Facts:
Client: Nokia
Services covered: Site survey & Design
Summary of key works:


  • • Carry out survey to establish requirements
  • • Audit existing equipment on site
  • • Establish most appropriate physical and technical solution to satisfy the requirements of all stakeholders
  • • Compile and submit survey reports
  • • Calculate cooling and feeder loss
  • • Generate GA drawings

Date: 2014 - 2015