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NEC Tree Trimming

Case Study:
Tree trimming services to create clear Line-of-Sight (LoS) for microwave links


Project Overview:
Microwave technology only works if there is clear, unobstructed, visibility between the two ends of the link, called line-of-sight (LoS). The LoS path can sometimes be blocked by trees either currently, or at some time in the future as they grow. As part of our service to NEC on their contract with Airwave (the emergency services network) to replace the lease lines that connect their sites together with new microwave links, we also provided a solution to trim trees (where possible) that were causing such blockages and to establish a clear LoS.


The initial phase was to confirm which tree or trees were causing the obstruction and what level of trimming was required. We also established who the owner of the tree was, if there were any Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) in place and gained the required permissions for the tree clearance. Prior to the works commencing a survey was carried out by experienced tree surgeons to determine the operational requirements. For example skilled resources, H&S risks and mitigations, access, and waste disposal options.


The tree trimming works were completed by experienced arborists in conjunction with the LoS teams to confirm that LoS had been achieved, This was supported by hand over documentation and completed reports. The waste was disposed of in line with environmental requirements.

We successfully completed several hundred instructions over a three-year period.


Key Facts:
Client: NEC
Services covered: Tree Trimming, Line of Sight Surveys
Summary of key works:

  • • Determine the cause of LoS obstruction and clearance required
  • • Establish the tree owner and gain the required permissions
  • • Completion of tree trimming works by experience arborists
  • • Removal and disposal of waste
  • • Confirm LoS has been achieved
  • • Compile and submit handover documentation and survey reports

Date: 2014 - 2018