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NEC Acquisition

Case Study:
Site Acquisition and Town & Country Planning services


Project Overview:
The Japanese electronics giant, NEC, has a contract with Airwave (the emergency services network) to replace the lease lines that connect their sites together with a new microwave link based backhaul transmission network. Before any equipment can be installed on site, it must be ascertained if the operator has the rights to do so.


As part of the network roll out programme, NEC called upon the Merlin Wireless & Fibre Acquisition Team to carry out current lease checks, to verify that rights were already in place for the new equipment as part of previous,  existing agreements. Where it was found that there were not enough rights, or any at all, then the team negotiated with the Landlord or Site Provider to gain the required permission and complete all of the legal documentation.


In the event that Local Authority Town & Country Planning approval was needed for changes and additions to site, then the team submitted an application and followed the formal process, responding to any objections lodged along the way, to ensure that planning approval was gained.


A significant number of installations were on sites that are owned by other Network Operators on which Airwave share space. Whilst the Primary Operator carries out any planning and build work on their own sites, Merlin Wireless & Fibre Services also managed the site sharing application and administration process on behalf of NEC.


The project involved acquisition services on over 2,200 sites and was part of a wider services provision.

Key Facts:
Client: NEC
Services covered: Acquisition
Summary of key works:


  • • Checks for existing rights for new equipment on site
  • • Negotiate with Landlords & Site
  • • Providers to gain new rights if required
  • • Submit planning & gain approval as necessary
  • • Complete formal documentation
  • • Manage the site share application process

Date: 2013 - 2018