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Arqiva LoS & Tower Survey

Case Study:
Line-of-Sight and tower surveys to establish viability of point-to-point microwave links.


Project Overview:
Arqiva is a communications infrastructure and media services company operating
at the heart of the broadcast, satellite and mobile communications markets. Arqiva provides much of the infrastructure behind television, radio, satellite and wireless communications in the UK.


Essential to providing broadcast services to the public is a modern, resilient network. As part of an on-going investment programme they replaced a number of existing microwave links with new equipment. Due to the continuous nature of a broadcast network the new links were installed in parallel to the existing ones for traffic to be switched seamlessly without interruption.


Microwave technology only works if there is clear, unobstructed visibility between the two ends of the link, called line of sight (LoS). The design process requires that LoS is confirmed possible at the proposed site locations, and in the event that there is an obstruction, provide the location or route diversion for suitable alternatives.


Whilst on site the team also carried out a survey of the structure to identify the required interface steelwork required to install the dish which was then passed to the design team for further detailed design and structural calculations.


This was an urgent project and the Merlin Wireless & Fibre Services LoS team mobilised quickly to complete over 150 surveys in less than 3 months.


Key Facts:
Client: Arqiva
Services covered: Line-of-Sight Surveys
Summary of key works:

  • • Arrange access to site
  • • Book any required specialist access equipment (e.g. MEWPS)
  • • Prove visibility at preferred installation points
  • • Establish alternatives in the event of obstructions or LoS failure
  • • Carry out tower survey to identify interface steelwork required
  • • Compile and submit survey reports

Date: 2016